South Carolina Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Housing Rehabilitation Program

The South Carolina Housing Trust Fund (HTF) is a state funded program designed to provide financial assistance in the development and preservation of safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing for low income households within the State of South Carolina. The Housing Trust Fund accelerates the state's response to the production of affordable housing through innovative financing used by the nonprofit and private sectors. It builds partnerships among government, qualified nonprofits, for profits, and those in need of affordable housing. It strives to maximize the utilization of federal, state and/or other housing assistance programs in leveraging other public and private resources.

Emergency Repair

Emergency Repair means required repairs to owner-occupied units that are necessary to eliminate clear and present danger(s) to the occupant(s). In order to be classified as an emergency, the deficiency(s) to the unit must:

  • Be the result of a recent event, such as a fire or flood;
  • Not be the result of accumulated deferred maintenance (see Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation activity);
  • Not be covered by existing insurance.

Other conditions that will be considered in determining qualification as an emergency for purposes of this program include:

  • Units occupied by children under the age of 12;
  • Units occupied by disabled individuals of any age;
  • Conditions that, if not repaired immediately, would cause further or irreparable damage;
  • Units where the heating, cooling, electrical, or plumbing systems are not functioning or do not exist.